Conférence sur les frontières à Boussy- Saint-Antoine le vendredi 5 avril


Le golfe d’Aqaba depuis la frontière entre Israël et l’Egypte.

Une conférence sur les frontières aura lieu le vendredi 5 avril de 17h15 à 18h45 à Boussy-Saint-Antoine.

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Limits and borders in the Balkans

The Balkan peninsula-mostly Bosnia in Hercegovina and Kosovo- stands with a lot of political issues. Some of these territories are still not united as a whole country.



May 2017- Entrance to the Serbian enclave of Gracanica in Kosovo. This enclave is situated 10 km far from Pristina, the Kosovar capital, is populated by 30 000 people. The Serbian dinar is used as currency (while the euro is used as the currency of Kosovo) and cyrillic alphabet as well as Serbian language are predominant. There is no check-point. There are other Serbian enclaves in Kosovo and life conditions are getting more and more difficult due to the political and economical isolation from the rest of Kosovo but also from the rest of Serbia.


May 2017- In Vukovar (Croatia), the border with Serbia is on the other side of the Danube river. However, there is no bridge in the city to connect both countries.


May 2018- In Mitrovica (Kosovo), the city is still divided between the north (mostly populated by Serbs) and the south (by Albanians). The European Union has financed some urban works like this promenade along the Ibar river in the Albanian part.


Dec. 2014, Mitrovica. Since its construction in 2004 by the European Union, the main bridge linking both parts of Mitrovica had different uses: firstly, it was used as a normal trafic bridge for cars, then as a pedestrian bridge with a clear division (as you can see on the picture where some trees form a small part of the Serbian part), and now the bridge has been reunified under the oversight of the European Union.


May 2017- Indication for the exit in the Serbian part of Mitrovica, where everything is written not only in Serbian, but also in cyrillic alphabet. In Serbia itself, latin alphabet is also widely used but Serbs from Kosovo (as Bosnians do) tend to write in cyrillic which demonstrates a somehow stronger link to the Serbian nation.


Jan 2015- Entering Macedonia from Kosovo. After an agreement with Greece, the country has been renamed North Macedonia. For historical reasons, the name Macedonia is claimed by the Greeks and by Macedonians.


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Dokdo, the other border issue between South Korea and Japan

Dokdo islands (0,18 km2 in total) are located on Japan Sea (or East Sea for Koreans), half-way between the coasts of both countries. They consist in 2 main islands and 35 rockets. The islands are inhabitated by an old Korean couple which allows Korean passengers from ships to walk for no more than 20 minutes on the main island!

These islands are one of the main border issues between Japan and South Korea. However, this case seems much more sensitive in Korea as the official speech considers the Dokdo issue is linked to the Japanese occupation of the peninsula (1910-45).


Map at the dedicated Dokdo museum in Seoul, it is the largest museum in the world dedicated to islands of this size. The small point left to the red line indicates the islands of Dokdo.


Reconstitution of Dokdo islands at the Dokdo museum.


Posters in the center of Seoul, close to Gwanghamun.


T-Shirts on sale in a shop in Seoul.


A 4 minute-movie about Korean claims on Dokdo is shown on the train between Incheon airport and Seoul Station on the train.

Seoul, the city which is only 50 km far from North Korea


Seoul, the capital of South Korea has became a megapolis of over 15 millions inhabitants. The fast growth of the population has required the construction of numerous and tall buildings which are very present in the urban landscape.


View from Seoul Tower. In the foreground, older houses are rarer and rarer compared to the tall buildings.


Poster on the facade of City Hall for a twin candidature Seoul/Pyongyang for the Olympic Games in 2032.


Dramatic monument close to Gwanghwamun. In the last years, futurist buildings or monuments were erected to attract attention.


Gwanghwamun on February 28th, 2019, the day before the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 1st of March Movement. In March 1919, demonstrations against the Japanese occupation were severely repressed by the Japanese. This event became a symbol of fight for the Korean independence towards Japan.

25Imjingang, the last station in South Korea before the entrance into the DMZ. In 2003, the Dorasan station was inaugurated, just half kilometer before the entrance to North Korea.

Après le café géopolitique animé par Lauric Henneton sur les Etats-Unis


Différents objets en vente dans un supermarché de la gare de Washington pendant la dernière campagne présidentielle.

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