Interview in English about borders and walls in the world in Studio City on RTV Slovenija (13’45-17’35):

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Bosnia and Hercegovina:business, tourism and war.

Tourism has been back for several years in Bosnia and Hercegovina, mostly in Sarajevo and Mostar.

The two towns paid a very heavy cost in 1992 and 1995. They are still divided between the main city of Sarajevo and the ex-nihilo Serbian counterpart, Istocno Sarajevo. Mostar is also divided between Croats and Muslims.

Excursions offered from a travel agency in the center of Sarajevo include an “assassination tour” and a controversial picture of the entrance of the Memorial of Srebrenica with the number of people who were killed in July 1995 (8372 bodies discovered at the time of the erection of the monument) and the price from the agency (59 euros).



Souvenirs representing war weapons or machines made with bullets in a shop in Mostar.


A T-shirt for tourists in a souvenir shop where the bridge of Mostar (destroyed in November 1993 by the Croats) is targetted.



Conference about the Walls in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on May 24th at 4.15pm


The Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

A conference about the walls is organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences (FDV) in Ljubljana on May 24th at 16.15.

For more informations:—(re-)building-walls-in-the-world