Malta, an interface between tourism and migrations


Former Britsih colony till 1974, member of the Commonwealth, Malta has been also a member of the European Union since 2004, of Schengen area (2007) and has integrated the euro zone since 2008.


Valetta, the Maltese capital has an architecture which reminds an Arabic town.



A wall in Valetta


While mass tourism is easily seen in Valetta harbour, some migrants from Tunisia or Libya try to reach Malta on their own. The island host a growing number of legal and illegal migrants mostly from North Africa (Tunisia, Libya) that can be easily seen in the country.


The Libyan airlines agency in Valetta reminds the African continent is close to Malta.


A fort on the island of Gozo. In its history, the island was a permanent target from greater powers in the Mediterranean sea.


A lot of towers and fortifications can be seen close to many parts of the coast.