Photo taken near Mitrovica bridge (in the Albanian part).

Nearly 14 years after the NATO intervention, the city of Mitrovica still symbolizes the rivalry between Serbs and Albanians.

In Kosovo, many panels are regularly damaged depending on the language used. The use of the language remains an essential factor to feel part of an ethnic community in the Balkans.

This panel dates from the Yugoslav era and mentionned the names of different cities in Serbian and in Albanian (90% of population in Kosovo were Albanians in the last census in 1981). Titograd (literally ”the City of Tito”) is now called Podgorica, and is the capital of Montenegro. Macedonian capital Skopje is mentionned in Serbian (Skoplje) and in Albanian (Skhupi). The name has not been damaged, tough Macedonia has an important Albanian community (about 25% of total population in the western part> Much more controversial, the name of Belgrade, once the capital of Yugoslavia and Serbia, has been largely erased (and even destroyed for the Albanian version). On the contrary, the one of Pristina, the main city of Kosovo which was the principal centre of the Kosovo province, then included in the republic of Serbia, remains undamaged.

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